krpaDSocial status is a funny thing. It’s based on who we are or what we look like, who we know or what label is attached to us. We want to do whatever we can to elevate ourselves because we think that we will find happiness, purpose, meaning or satisfaction from being on top.

We tell the world, “I’m better than you” because of our parenting choices, or I’m a better Christian than she is because of life-choices, or I have a full-time job AND kids so I look down on the stay-at-home moms, or my husband had a longer deployment than yours so I’m superwoman. Is that what it takes to be accepted?

As Christians in church we might think, “If only I was a better person. If only I was a pastor, a leader, a worship leader or if I had talent or gifts or abilities, then maybe that’s when God would accept me.”

Guilty? I sure am.

The world tells us to get higher than those around us, but it is exactly the opposite. Jesus says we don’t have to elevate ourselves to find God, we find Him from a position of surrender. The world says surrender is a sign of weakness or defeat, but it’s exactly the opposite. We surrender not because we’ve lost, we surrender because He’s already won everything for us!

Joel Houston says all of this best in this video about their new single Touch the Sky:

What does it look like? To fully surrender my life to God? To give Him complete control and not have my backup plans incase his plan isn’t the RIGHT one?

A few months ago, I realized there was a big road block in my surrendering to God. My plans for a family. And do you know how I finally realized I wasn’t surrendering it to Him? Because the thought of never being able to have my own family was DEVASTATING! In the back of my mind there was this tiny little creature, gripping on to my plans for dear life and refusing to let go. Because if I let go of it, that means God is in complete control. And if God is in complete control, I may not get that family I’ve dreamed and prayed for. We may never be able to have biological kids. We may never be able to adopt. And God still quietly, patiently asks me to let go and trust Him. He asks me to elevate Him to that highest position in my life instead of myself. To elevate God instead of my plans. Him in place of my family. Surrender.

Sometime’s I even find myself trying to bargain with God. “If I do this, then you will give me what I want.” God doesn’t work that way. God doesn’t ask us to come to Him so we can cut a deal, He wants us to come to Him in complete dependence. My pastor, Don Overton, recently preached an amazing sermon on this. You can listen to it here.

He wants us to stop bargaining and depend on Him. He wants us to stop elevating ourselves and surrender completely.

Hillsong United’s song Touch the Sky says it best:

My heart beating, my soul breathing

I found my life when I laid it down

Upward falling, Spirit soaring

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground. Surrender.


Image taken from here.


  1. Sherry says

    Wow, that says it all! (He wants us to stop elevating ourselves and surrender completely.) Thanks Nicole.

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