God Is

God IsSometimes I get writer’s block. I have all these ideas of what to write about and as I try to play out the would-be article in my mind, it definitely doesn’t sound as cool as I initially thought it did. So then I spend hours, days, weeks, waiting for that perfect theme to strike me down so that I can blow you all away with how awesome I am. And then it hits me. Here I go trying to people-please again. Trying to use my website as a way to get people’s approval of me. And it seems that I have forgotten the very reason why I started this website – because God laid it on my heart! He showed me and affirmed that this website was a way for me to share my heart in a way that reaches more people than I can face-to-face in any given week. To be open and vulnerable with how He is moving. My life is just an example of that. When I get writer’s block, I am usually trying to manipulate the situation to get more readers, or to get great feedback on how awesome that article was…well that’s all sorts of wrong. And not my real intentions.

My true intentions, and my heart’s deepest desire, is that people would know God. That they would see Him in their everyday life and see how He is calling out to them. That He is alive and He wants a relationship with each one of us. And if sharing my every day life experiences somehow helps people see that, then God is using little old me to bring Him glory and that is a good day! I don’t want to live life dependent on my own abilities and strengths. That is just not enough. It never will be. Just like my husband can never be enough, my friends, my church, they will never be enough to fulfill me. But God alone is enough! He is everything that we need. He is MORE than we need, than what we desire. He is healer, father, friend, lover. He is wise, capable, provider, a teacher. He is glorious, worthy of praise, and He has a bigger purpose for us. He is such a big God and capable of things we can’t even wrap our minds around. And still, He loves me. He loves YOU! And the good news is that nothing can separate us from His love.

We forget how much we need to come back to the basics. To just simply proclaim who God is, and why we worship Him. That brings such a big smile to His face! It helps us refocus on the truths of our God and what He is doing in and around us. I can go off on these tangents that turn into “look at ME” and “look what God is doing in MY life” but really miss the big picture….that GOD is the one doing it. I did nothing to deserve or earn any blessings that come my way. I simply know and have a relationship with the One who provides every good and perfect gift. And even when it is hard to see the obvious “blessings” in life, when we feel struck down by tragedy, conflict, transitions, unknowns, guess what? He is still God and He is still good! He uses the brokenness in our lives to bring Him glory and I am just dumbfounded that He would want to use me in any way as a part of His bigger story. But He does. And so I will continue to come back to the basics, proclaim who He is, and share what HE is doing in my life.



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