Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m an army wife, a daughter of Christ, a mom-in-training, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and sometimes that crazy health & fitness freak (but that one comes and goes as it pleases). I wear a lot of hats and have a lot of passions, and this website is a place where I am devoted to sharing those passions with you!

I first had the thought of starting my own website in June of  2014. But like all new things, I had to caution myself to immediately jumping all in. It is not uncommon at all for this girl to get a new idea for a hobby, spend money I didn’t have and about two weeks worth of time investing before I decide it’s not for me! I blame Pinterest. So I spent some time, a lot of time actually, praying and asking God to deepen this desire in me if this was from Him and something I should actually look in to. When my husband arrived home from a deployment two months later, he also began praying alongside me for this new dream. We both were on the same page, and agreed that this website was something I should be pursuing!

On my website you will find lots of things. Blogs on what God has laid on my heart recently, tips on surviving the military, new healthy recipes (and desserts!), DIY projects, books I recommend, and so much more! Explore, take a look around, share what you like with your friends, and thanks for stopping by!