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Yesterday was the due date for our twins, Joshua and Caleb. Somehow, five months has come and gone since they were born and died. I’ve tried countless times to sit down and write about my boys, desperately hoping that writing it out would take away the pain. But I couldn’t do it. Every time I […]

Due Date

Tomorrow was the due date for my most recently miscarried baby. I didn’t have the date memorized this time, but I had excitedly put it on my calendar back in December and forgot it was there until earlier this week. And each time I looked at it, I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. So […]


I’m sitting in an airport as I make my way back to NY for a perfect, white Christmas. Just a week ago, I was telling a co-worker how sincerely grateful I was to get to spend Christmas Day with our families. It was like a dream come true. In 7 years of marriage, the two […]

Choosing Joy

“Choosing joy is being able to see God’s goodness even when life is hard and messy.” This was a quote that popped up in my news feed this morning. And as I read it, I had flash backs of the past few months. They have been hard. Brutal, actually. One of those seasons where life […]